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Hall, Cammack, Bush River MM: Am searching for records for William Hall, 1763-1858. He is supposed to be son of James Hall and Sarah Duncan and lived near Bush River. His wife, Mary Cammack was supposed to be member of Bush River Quaker Monthly Meeting and Married out of unity ca 1792 to William Hall. About 1806 this family migrated to Montgomery County, Ohio. Would like to correspond with anyone who might be related to James Hall who is listed in 1779 Old 96 District Census. He may have been of family who migrated to SC from PA before 1763 and have been from a Quaker family in PA.

Thank you and please write to Ann Sipes at

My name is Orman Speed.

I live in Orangeville, California.

My ancestor Michael Speed lived and raised a family in the Old 96 District and Abbeville County.

I would like to be in contact with someone to do genealogy research in the Abbevile area for me.

My telephone number is (916) 721 9273


My husband's great grandfather was James William Merchant/Marchant, born 22 Oct 1828, in South Carolina. He was wed to Sarah Elizabeth Morgan on 20 Aug 1846 in Newberry. Their first two children, Henry and Sarah Ann, were born in SC. By 1850, the family was in Itawamba (later Lee) County, MS. I have not been able to ascertain who James William's parents were, and I am interested in hearing from anyone with a connection to or knowledge of this family.
Sandra (Mrs. Don) Merchant
Shawnee, OK

Name=Janine Sutter
Queries=I have managed to trace my family to Newberry, SC (funny, since I live in Fountain Inn!), but have hit a road block....I got to Mary Duval (married to Caesar, who was born in France 1758) but can't find her surname or anything past him. THANK YOU! Janine
Queries=Searching for John Waight-Waite-Waits and his family living in Craven County near Twenty Five mile creek in 1757-1769.  Submitter Steven Waits
Queries=Clark, Dyson.  Submitter Beth Wells
Queries=I am interested in any genealogy information regarding the Neel family in Newberry County.  Submitter Jim Neel
Queries=ASBILL, Pierce.  Died in 1924.  Son William A. is our family line.  Any info appreciated.

Name=Jim Arnold
Queries=Seeking records and grave of John Arnold, died: 12 Jan 1798 in Newberry, SC and his wife Licutiche Arnold [Cherokee Indian].  Any help and definitive guidance is warmly received.

Respectfully yours,
Jim Arnold

Name=Annette Clark

Queries=I am looking for information on a M B Coats. His full name is Moses Butler Coats. He was born in Newberry South Carolina and is my great great great grandfather. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

I am available to conduct genealogy research in the Tennessee and Kentucky area. 
I am capable of single document retrievals and in-depth research projects

Melissa Barker

Professional Genealogist
Specializing in Tennessee and Kentucky Genealogy Research
584 Hwy. 49
Tennessee Ridge, TN. 37178
(931) 721-3745

Name=Harris and Sheryl Bailey

Queries=I am trying to find an obit for John N Livingston.  He died in 1971.  Anyone having information on him we would like to communicate with you.

Name=David Williams

Queries=I am interested in finding any information on the Davenport family,  specifically, David F, b. c1813/ son of Ephraim. David's wife was Nancy Scott.  Family lived near Trinity Methodist near Silverstreet.  I am PARTICULARLY interested in a possible relationship to the WILLIAMS family.  There was also a brother to D. Davenport whose name was James P. Davenport.

Queries=Stripling, Stribling, Striplin, Savage, Moates, Motes-

I am looking for any info on Wm. Stripling Sr.(& allied families) who came to Newberry Co. In 1771 & died there in 1813. He mar. 1st Catherine Savage & 2nd Mary Moates. I have some facts but need more. If you might help, I would be very appreciative.   Ann C. Davis

I'm researching a Robert Rogers family. Robert b. 1769 SC? d. Jun 27 1859 Catherine b. 1775 SC d. Aug 25 1858. May be connected to Newberry District , SC or Madison Co. AL.  My line is through daughter Mary Ann b. Sept 17 1801 SC m. George Dougan moved to Princeton IN.  Info from copied Bible pages. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Mike Hillyard


I don't know much at all about Simeon Harris, except he came to the Kansas Territory and married a Shawnee, Mary Jane Owen, who had previously been a girlfriend of Wild Bill Hickok (really James Butler Hickok) who was one of the first constables in the town of Monticello, Kansas ... which is now part of the town of Shawnee, KS where I live. Simeon died in 1860 and we are not sure how/why. Mary Jane, b.1841, d. 1864, age: 24 yr, m. 1859, daughter of John & Mary Logan Owen "Pit A Nux A" Shawnee Indian attended the Shawnee Mission Methodist Indian School and lived on the Indian reservation until 1854 and was a friend and companion to James Butler Hickok "Wild Bill" during his time as Monticello Constable. The President of our local historical society is a Shawnee and Shawnee tribe's representative to the State of Kansas. We are trying to fill in a part of our history - we have no personal attachment to the families. I googled and saw the book 'Annals of Newberry', which is a fabulous book. It had a reference to James Y. Harris as brother to Simeon so I was hoping if I could post a query someone might know more of this family. If any of you can offer help about this Harris family, please contact Maureen Holthaus at email: Thank you!

 Name=Captain David Rees, South Carolina Royalists

Queries=I am interested in making contact with someone who is familiar with British non combat military practices during the Revolution in South Carolina. I am trying to more fully understand several things about my ancestor including his service and murder. Thank you, Marshaleigh Orr Bahan

Name=Del Groves

Queries=Looking for documentation of birth of children of Jesse Summers m. Sarah Coate, particularly William E.? Summers b. abt 1811 in Edgefield or Newberry District, SC. Other possible siblings: Henry C G, John C, Caley Gant, Jesse Madison, Eldridge Simpkins, Whitfield Brooks and Albert C. Jesse Summers parents were Rev. Joseph Summers m. Eleanor Clary. In 1800 & 1810 census, Jesse & Sarah were in Edgefield District, SC then by 1820 census were in nearby Newberry District, SC (or vice versa); in 1830 census they were in Clarke Co, AL by 1830.

You can view my online gedcom at:

Name=James Chapman

I am a descendant of Giles and Sarah (Jackson) Chapman. I notice in your list of family cemeteries in Newbery County a Chapman family cemetery and a Chapman-Summers family cemetery. I have information from the Chapman-Summers Cemetery but none on the Chapman Cemetery. I would like to know more about the Chapman Cemetery---where it is located, tombstone inscriptions, etc.  June 9, 2009.

Name=Selina Sligh

I am looking for information on my great-great grandparents who were born into slavery in Newberry, SC: Tobe Sligh (b. 1806 in Newberry, SC and d. between 1881 and 1900 in SC) and Texanna Hawkins Sligh (b. 1845 in Canons, Newberry, SC and d. 1945 in Chickasaw, Houston County, MS). I am also looking for information on my great-grandparents Spencer Sligh (b. 1867 in Canons, Newberry, SC, d. unk) and Chicora Wheeler Sligh (b. 1873 in Canons, Newberry, SC, d. unk).  Spencer Sligh was the son of Tobe Sligh and Texanna Hawkins Sligh. Texanna's father was Drayton Hawkins, 1900 census records show that Texanna was in Chickasaw as early as 1900, most likely after the death of Tobe Sligh. Tobe Sligh was quite possibly owned by Phillip Sligh Sr./Jr. or bequeathed to slave owners in the 1827 will of John Eichelberger. I have read that Eichelberger and The Slighs were among the largest slave owners in Laurens District and Newberry County, SC, and I feel strongly that my ancestors lived and/or moved through those plantations.  According to 1880 census records, Tobe Sligh was 74 years old and a Laborer, and Texanna Sligh was 35 years old and "keeping house." 1870 census records show Tobe Sligh also lived in Hellers, Newberry, SC. Tobe and Texanna Sligh had four sons and one daughter all born in Newberry County, SC:

Nancy Sligh (b. 1864, d. unk).

Spencer Sligh (b. 1867, d. unk)

Ned Sligh (b. 1872 and d. unk).

Ben Sligh (b. 1875 and d. unk) .

an infant son who was 4 months.

Chicora Wheeler was the daughter of Richard Wheeler (b. 1840 in Virginia, d. unk) and Pricey [maiden name unk] (b. 1850 in Canons, Newberry County, SC, d. unk). Richard was a Farmer. According to 1880 census records, Richard and Pricey Wheeler had 4 daughters and 3 sons, most born in Canons, Newberry County, SC:

Nora Wheeler (b. 1862, d. unk);

Catharine Wheeler (b. 1865, d. unk);

Sidney P. Wheeler (b. 1870, d. unk);

Chicora Wheeler (b. 1873, d. unk);

Enos G. Wheeler (b. 1875, d. unk);

Marion C. Wheeler (b. 1875, d. unk);

Lilly F. Wheeler (4 months old, d. unk)

Spencer and Chicora Sligh had 7 sons and 4 daughters, most born in Township 9/Canons, Newberry, South Carolina. Spencer Sligh had two sets of children, and the children born prior to 1900 may not have been the biological children of Chicora:

Bunion/Bunyon (also called Ermon) Sligh (b. 1893/d.)

Gracie Sligh (b. 1894/d.)

Lilla Sligh (b. 1895/d.)

Sallie Sligh (b. 1899/d.)

Willie M. Sligh (b. 1901/d. in Detroit, Wayne County, MI)

Lester Sligh (b. 1903/d.)

Robert L. Sligh (b. 28 May 1905, d. 03 October 1989 in Aliquippa, Beaver County, PA)

Benjamin Franklin Sligh (b. 28 October 1906/d. 00 May 1976 in Aliquippa, Beaver County, PA)

Rosland Sligh (b. 1910/d.)

John Sligh (b. 01 January 1913/d. 23 March 1988 in Aliquippa, Beaver County, PA)

Richard Sligh (b. 10 May 1919/d. 02 November 2004 in Washington, DC)

I would like to know where to obtain slave schedules/records for Newberry and Laurens for surnames: Sligh, Wheeler, and Hawkins. Also, where in South Carolina can I find death records, marriage records, property deeds, birth records, old newspapers, obituaries, stories from griots, slave narratives, photos, court documents, or anything that may assist me in my search for the Slighs, Wheelers, and Hawkins? I am visiting South Carolina and would like to know if there are any historical places where I can obtain more information. Also, are there any persons in Newberry with expert knowledge of SC slave history? Which libraries would be most resourceful?  If you know something about ANY of my relatives listed above or know someone who has knowledge of them, please contact me at I will be forever grateful. Obviously, I have to complete additional research at a local family history center, but I keep thinking that there has to be lots more information in Newberry County, given the huge slave population.  June 9, 2009

I am researching William Wichester b. 1740 d. 1789, with a son, Francis Winchester, b. 1765
d. 1860.  Please email if you are researching the same family or can help. Thank you, Karen Winchester

My ancestor, John Mills, was said to have been born 1733 in Newberry County, SC. Though a Quaker, the Bush River Monthly Meeting of the Quaker community was not established until many years later; there are no records of his parents through those meeting notes.  I think there was a Mills family living in that area before most Quakers arrived. I am wondering if anyone has records of a Mills family early in that century. Please contact Joan Benton at  Thank you.

Looking for information on Reagin/Raygen and various spelling and Longshore families. Email Tracy Liekhus at

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