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We invite everyone who wishes to support and promote the purpose of ONDC to join in one of three membership categories:

Individual - $25.00 - primary chapter member
Family      - $30.00 - Family chapter member (2 persons, same address)
Associate  - $20.00 - member who has primary membership in an SCGS chapter other than ONDC

Individual persons may join by sending a completed Application Form with their check for the membership of your choice.

Old Newberry District Chapter (ONDC) subscriptions for libraries and other organizations do not include publications of the South Carolina Genealogical Society, Inc., (SCGS), but include only publications of our ONDC Quarterlies at a cost of $20.00 annually.  Click here for Subscription Form.  Libraries and other organizations desiring to receive

The Carolina Herald and Newsletter, a publication of SCGS, Inc., must send their name,

address and check for $8.00 to SCGS Inc, Treasurer, P. O. Box 24526,  Columbia, SC 29224-4526.


OOnly an individual person may have an ONDC Individual Membership.  Two persons in one family may have a Family Membership (includes only two persons in that family) ; however there, will be only one publication of the ONDC publication sent quarterly per household plus SCGS publications.  Only one with an Individual Membership or a couple with a Family Membership are eligible to receive publications of The Carolina Herald and Newsletter.

Make your check out to Old Newberry District Chapter or ONDC.

Mail your Application/Renewal form and check to:
Bertice T. Robinson, Secretary/Treasurer
Old Newberry District Chapter
Post Office Box 513
Roebuck, South Carolina 29376-0513

Dues paid January 1 through August 31 are applied to the current year. Dues paid September 1 through December 31 are applied to the coming year. Dues paid after March 1 are delinquent and members must pay an additional $2.00 for mailing of the Spring Quarterly. For information to receive back issues, please see Publications.

Old Newberry District Chapter is a nonprofit organization under The Internal Revenue Code, Section 501 C (3) allowing tax deductions for the value of material donated to the Old Newberry District Chapter.  ONDC is a non-profit organization supported by memberships, donations, and sale of publications. Thank you for your support.